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Chemistry 11
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Unit 1


Course Outline

HW Hand-in Sheet
Periodic Table
Ion Chart
Chem Sites on the Web

Unit 2
Introduction to Chemistry

Unit 2 Notes
Unit 2 Assigned Work
Hand In # 1 Unit Conversions
Hand In # 2 Significant Digits
Measurement Review WS
Unit 2 Review
Answer Key (p1  p2   p3  p4)

Metric Conversion Chart
Prefix Flash Cards

Video - Simple Unit Coversion 1
Video - Simple Unit Coversion 2
Video - Double Unit Conversion 
Video - Converting Bottom Unit
Video - Complex Unit Conversion
Videos - Combo_Sig_Dig_ex 1 ex_2 ex_3

Unit 3
Properties of Matter

Unit 3 Notes
Unit 3 Assigned Work
Physical Separation Assgn.
Lab - Separation of Mixtures
Lab - Paradichlorobenzene
graph paper
Unit 3 Crossword   Answers
* Review Answer Key*

"Chem Tutor" States of Matter

Review of Classification of Matter
More on Matter 
More on Physical & Chemical Changes
Review Jeopardy

Unit 4
Naming Compounds

Unit 4 Notes
Unit 4 Assigned Work
Hand In # 3 Ionic Compounds 

"Chem Tutor" Componds
Collection of Molecules
— "Chime" molecular viewer installer
Crystal Lattice Viewer 
Acid Flash Cards

Unit 5
The Mole

Unit 5 Notes
Unit 5 Assigned Work
Mole Conversion Chart
Lab 4b Moles of Iron and Copper
Hand In #4 g/mol/L conversions
Lab 7B The Molar Volume of a Gas
Hand In #5 Summary Mole Conversions
Hand In #6 % Mass, Empirical Formulas & Molarity
Holy Moley Review Sheet
Holy Moley Answers

"Chem Tutor" Mole

Video - Calculating Molar Mass eg2.wmv

Video - Gram to Mole Conversion eg1.wmv
Video - Gram to Mole Conversion eg2.wmv
Video - Kilogram to Mole Conversion eg1.wmv
Video - Litres to Mole Conversion eg1.wmv
Video - Milligram to Mole Conversion eg1.wmv
Video - Mole to gram Conversion eg1.wmv
Video - Mole to Litre Conversion eg1.wmv
Video - Mole to Litre Conversion eg2.wmv
Video - Grams to litres Conversion.wmv
Video - Litres to Grams conversion.wmv
Video - Mole to Molecule conversion.wmv
Video - Grams to Molecules conversion.wmv
Video - Litres to Molecules Conversion.wmv
Video - Molecules to Grams Conversion.wmv
Video - Molecules to Litres Conversion.wmv
Video - Grams to Atoms Conversion.wmv
Video - Litres to Atoms Conversion.wmv
Video - Density of Gas @ STP.wmv
Video - Molar Mass from Density @ STP.wmv
Video - Density and Mole Conversions Intro..wmv
Video - Density and Volume to Moles.wmv

Video - Finding Empirical Formula
Video - More Empirical Formulas
Video - Empirical to Molecular-Formula
Video - Molar Concentration
Video - Dilutions of Solutions

Lab - KClO3

Tutorial 5-1 Percent Composition and Empirical Formulas

Self-Test on Tutorial 5-1
Tutorial 5-1 HELP

Unit 6
Chemical Reactions

Unit 6 Notes
Unit 6 Assigned Work
Hand In # 7 Chemical Equations
Hand In # 8 Completing, Balancing and Classifying
Hand In # 9 Energy in Chemical Reactions
Lab 5C - Types of Reactions
Unit 6 Review
Answer Key p1 p2 p3 p4

Synthesis of CO2 

Synthesis of AlBr3 
Decomposition of NaCl
Decomposition of KClO3

Extra Notes on Heat & Calorimetery
Practice on Heat Calculations

"Chem Tutor" Reactions

Unit 7

Unit 7 Notes
Unit 7 Assigned Work
Hand In # 10 Stoichiometry Problems
Lab - 20C
Hand In # 11 Molarity, Excess % Yield
Unit 7 Review
Answer Key p1 p2 p3
"Chem Tutor" Problems
Video - Limiting Reactant

Unit 8
The Atom

Unit 8 Notes
Unit 8 Assigned Work
Hand In # 12 Electronic Structure
Lab - Reactivity Trend
Hand In # 13 Ion Formation
Unit 8 Review
Answer Key

Atomic Orbitals 
Atomic Structure & Bonding  
    BCIT Elements
STM atom image gallery 
Alkali Metal Demostration

Unit 9
Solution Chemistry

Unit 9 Notes
Unit 9 Assigned Work
Practice Test Key

Unit 10
Organic Chemistry

Unit 10 Notes
Alkanes, Alkenes, Aromatic, Functional Groups
Unit 10 Assigned Work
Chem Sketch

Course Review

Exam Review day 1 Key
Exam Review day 2 Key
Exam Review day 3 Key
Ministry Learning Outcomes
Course Review
Answer Key
Final 2 pages of answer key p.23 p.24