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Quarter 1 courses                                        




Unit Tests/quizzes = 65%

Assignments/Labs = 25%

Vocab = 10%

Text book: BC Science 9 and Connections



Unit tests = 40%

Assignments = 35%

Semester Scrapbook project = 25%

Structure and Physiology and Wellness Way of Life










Bell Schedule

Warning Bell

8:40 am

Period 1

8:45 – 11:26 am


11:26 am – 12:16 pm

Period 2

12:16 pm – 2:57 pm

There is NO EARLY Dismissal on Wednesdays


Health Science 12 marks update


Science 9 marks update


For the following Biology 12 quizzes you do not need to log in your name…. simply click on “start now”


Practice Tests


Biological Molecule practice quiz

Biological Molecule Ch. 2 quiz



Cell structure practice quiz

Cell structure ch. 3 test



Cell membrane quiz

Cell membrane quiz 2


DNA/Protein synthesis quiz

DNA/protein synthesis quiz #2


Enzyme practice quiz

Enzyme quiz# 2


Digestive System quiz #2


Circulatory System Quiz #2


Respiratory Practice Quiz

Respiratory System Quiz #2


Excretory/Urinary Quiz

Excretory/Urinary System Quiz #2


Nervous System Practice Quiz

Nervous System Quiz #2


Reproduction Practice Quiz

Reproductive System Quiz #2


 PART 1 (Biological molecules, cell structure, cell movement, DNA/RNA, protein synthesis, enzymes, Digestive)

 PART 2 (Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Urinary, Nervous, Reproductive)





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Period 1: Sc.9 (667)

Period 2 H.Sc 12 (667)

Sept 10

-      9:00 – 9:45 am


-2:00 – 2:45 pm


Sept 11

Grade 8’s only

Grade 8’s only


Sept 14

- course expectations

-go over website

-text book sign out done in classroom

Safety rules

-eye safety w/s due tomorrow

- course expectations

-go over website

-text book sign out done in classroom

-scrapbook project

-intro package due for Sept 16


Sept 15

-eye safety w/s due

Fill in the blank safety

-complete safety and review

-Safety test

-1.2 notes on matter and Ch. 1 vocab due Sept 16


-Cell tissue notes

-vocab & coloring sheet

Sept 16

-finish 1.2 notes if need be

-1.2 w/b together

-atomic structure w/s together

-review info for test

-work on Ch. 1 vocab

-Intro package due

-finish cell notes and worksheet due Sept 17

Sept 17

Ch. 1 vocab due

-review for test again

-1.2 test (small and written only)

-go over 1.3 in the book (no notes and no test)

-2.1 notes

-Ch. 2 vocab due Sept 21


-Cell vocab due

-Cell & Tissue test

-start integumentary system with vocab

Sept 18

Lab 2.1 B

-2.2 notes… 2.1 w/b 

-go over data booklet

-bunsen burner video

-Cell w/s and coloring sheet due

-continue and finish integumentary notes

-coloring sheet, w/s due Sept 22

-test on

Sept 21

-Ch. 2 vocab due

Review periodic table with 2.2 notes

-bunsen burner video with Bunsen burners to learn parts

-2.2 w/b

-periodic table bingo

-subatomic particles notes… table for practice

-skin vocab due

-skin lab

-work on worksheet and coloring sheet

Sept 22

-bunsen burner video

-light the Bunsen burner

-go over subatomic particles again… fill in table assignment

-Bohr model notes

-integumentary w/s due with coloring sheet

-integumentary system test

-muscle vocab due Thursday

-start muscle system notes

Sept 23

-2.3 B flaming metal lab

- Bohr model notes…assign few questions for assessment

-check skeletal vocab

-continue with muscle system notes

-coloring sheet and work sheet due for Monday

-Library mezz 1:36 for muscle disorder report due tomorrow

Sept 24

A little bit of review and Bohr model w/s

-Ch. 2 ppt review

Ch. 2 test

-Ch. 3 vocab due for Sept 28

-3.1 notes

-counting atoms

-talk about binary naming


-work on coloring sheet and worksheet

-1:36 in mezz lab for  project research


Sept 25



Sept 28

Ch. 3 vocab due

-binary naming notes, rules, practice and then a w/s to hand in


-what is multivalent, practice then a w/s due for tomorrow

-Muscular system  test

-skeletal system vocab

-skeletal notes


Sept 29

-multivalent w/s due

-copper lab p. 81

-polyatomic naming notes, practice and w/s due for tomorrow

-heads up chem test Oct 2

-skeletal notes

-skeletal system coloring sheet

-disorder report in library mezz

Sept 30

-polyatomic w/s due

-difference between ionic and covalent… covalent naming. Practice w/s with class

Covalent naming w/s for marks

-physical/chemical changes w/s (do half only for marks)

-finish notes if need be

-Bone dissection


-OCTOBER 9  Introduction due

Oct 1

-some cool chemistry demos

-test review

-naming review booklet


-Skeletal system test

-nervous vocab

-nervous system notes

Oct 2

-Ch. 3 Test

-Ch. 4 vocab

-notes & coloring sheet

- disorder report in library mezz 1:36

Oct 5


-reflex lab

-library mezz for project research

Oct 6


-finish notes? And worksheet



-Nervous  System test